Merchant-SAFE TRUST SEAL Verification Process

To maintain the quality of the seal program to its highest standards, we follow a stringent and thorough verification process for all applicants. We make sure we thoroughly verify all the entered information and process several internal checks and procedures before we finally approve the seal for your website.

Once you sign up with Merchant-SAFE we immediately start the verification process with the information you entered. Our goal, right from the beginning is to get you verified and deliver the seal to you as fast as possible.

Step 1 : The first thing we do is verify your order. We do not even charge your credit card when you place your order. We will verify your order through phone and make sure the package you choose is what you need and explain the process to you. This happens the very same day the order is placed and within hours in many cases.

Step 2: Once your order is processed, We start the business information verification using USPS priority mail. You will receive a code packet to the physical address you mentioned in the application.

Step 3: You will receive an email verification from us with instructions and an online link to enter the code that you received in mail. Our system validates certain information and the internal algorithms validate IP addresses and business information.

Step 4: Based on the package you selected, you may receive a second phone verification. You will then receive an email from us with instructions on how to implement the seal on your website.

All of these processes help ensure that your website is portraying accurate information to your consumers. Remember, the goal is to improve TRUST among your consumers. So, it is important to be as open as possible so that you can attain their TRUST. We maintain high standards for our seal program and will approve applications only when there are no misleading information on your website.

Overall, in order to be approved we verify all of the following information:

  • Company Name or Independent Contractor Name or Official DBA name (if Sole Proprietor)
  • Website URL
  • Business Address (P.O. Boxes not allowed)
  • Support/Business Email Address
  • Support/Business Phone Number
  • Your domain name expiry date (must exceed the seal expiry date at the time of SEAL delivery)

Please note our verification process is swift and we deliver the seal to you in just days rather than weeks and months. You can display your seal in a prominent location and convey to your visitors that your website and business information has been verified by a third-party. This will directly improve TRUST and will help increase conversion rate.