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Hacker Safe (McAfee Secure) or Merchant Safe

McAfee Secure (also known as Hacker Safe) and Merchant Safe are similar in many regards. Both companies are offering services that focus on making the internet a better place for both consumers and merchants by increasing confidence in online shopping. However there are major differences in their respective approaches.

HackerSafe focuses on server verification, also known as PCI Scanning or Vulnerability Scanning. They scan your server for vulnerabilities. Merchant-safe focus mainly on improving TRUST. We certify websites and offer business verification. We care about the bottom line for you, rather than finding a way to extract money from you. As a part of our certification process we verify the security, privacy and business location, and provide a mechanism for legitimate businesses to improve online trust and to have higher standards when it comes to online shopping.

We don't offer PCI Scanning because you most likely don't need it. Most people have misconception about PCI scanning and trust seal programs in general. PCI Certification / Scanning is not required by small businesses that do less than 20,000 transactions per year. Only if you process more than 20,000 transactions per year would you need this type of service and still it would probably be unwise to invest in PCI Scanning/Certification, since most Payment Gateways (authorize.net, 2checkout, Verisign, PayPal, etc.) already has this certification and has a built-in procedure to make you safe and secure when it comes to credit card encryption/data protection. Why would you want to pay us a second time for something that you already have?

Over 71% of online shoppers look for third party seals when shopping online. If you are serious about the success of your business and improving the website credibility, then you should consider a website trust seal.

Merchant Safe trust seals are a great affordable way to increase consumer confidence. Merchant Safe also offers a free portal, Merchantsafe.org for consumer education.

Simple Fact: Merchant Safe Seals are over $1500 cheaper!

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