What is the TRUST eSEAL Program?

The Merchant SAFE TRUST eSEAL program is designed to improve TRUST among website visitors while they are making a buying decision on your website. Merchant SAFE seals are a low cost alternative to the McAfee Secure (Hacker SAFE), COMODO, Truste, BBB and other TRUST seal programs and is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

What does a TRUST SEAL do?

The answer is quite simple. A third party seal improves consumer confidence and increases the conversion rate of your website.

Here is a simple fact!

Over 71% of online shoppers look specifically for third party seals of approval when they visit a website.

Many studies have shown that an increasing number of website visitors and shoppers online, look for third party seals as a measure of the TRUST on any particular website. Currently 8 out of 10 online shoppers interviewed say, that they feel more comfortable when they see a third party seal on a website. The Merchant-SAFE TRUST eSEAL is an electronic seal that you display on your website after meeting certain verification procedures by us. This seal helps you and your business improve TRUST and gain consumer confidence.

Lets look at the three most important concerns online shoppers have.

Concern #3:
They have concerns if the information they enter will be safe and kept private.

Concern #2:
They are concerned about the security of the transaction.

Both concerns mentioned above, can be addressed by having an up-to-date published privacy policy that addresses consumer concerns, and by having an SSL certificate along with necessary security/vulnerability scanning of the server.

Concern #1:
In addition to security and privacy concerns, the most concerning factor among consumers is basic TRUST. They fear and wonder if the website they are on, is in fact an actual business with a physical presence. They need something in addition to what they see that will improve their TRUST. Even if they are dealing with an independent freelancer, they need to feel that they can TRUST.

They are looking for third party verification that will help relieve the lack of trust. You need to address this IMMEDIATELY, so that you can improve confidence among your site visitors and covert them into customers! If you already have a SSL certificate, (which you can get for as low as $14.95/year), then all you need is a third party seal that verifies your business identity, your website, email and telephone numbers, along with physical location. This makes you REAL. Which is what matters when converting visitors into customers.

Merchant SAFE TRUST SEALS are designed to improve TRUST among online shoppers. Unlike other seal programs that are out there, we are designed to help small and medium businesses succeed. We don't charge thousands of dollars every year like the competition. We even offer PCI scanning or website vulnerability check Seals for fraction of the cost compared to our competition!

The Merchant SAFE TRUST Seal is a wonderful solution that does not cost you much, but offers a reliable third party business verification service, along with Security Scanning services that will improve the conversion rate!

Remember, Better TRUST = MORE Conversion/Sales!!



So, Which Trust Seal should I get, and do you offer PCI scanning?

Yes, We do offer PCI Scanning, however most small merchants probably won't need it. It's that simple! Most people have misconception about PCI scanning and trust seal programs in general.

Fact: PCI Certification / Scanning is not required by small businesses that do less than 20,000 transactions per year. However new regulations mandated by the PCI council may require you to submit a SAQ to your bank and/or do quarterly scans.

In general, if you are a small merchant using a third party service such as paypal to receive payments, you won't need PCI scanning. You can save few hundred dollars by getting a business verification seal instead. Only if you process more than 20,000 transactions per year would you need this type of service. Most commercial carts have built-in procedures to make you safe and secure when it comes to credit card encryption/data protection. However, if you are taking telephone orders, or taking credit card information directly on your website, you may need a quarterly scan. If you are not sure, contact us and we can find out for free!

The real value in security scanning lies not just on compliance, but something beyond that. As a business owner, knowing the security loopholes on your server and taking steps to protect your customer information will always have a POSITIVE impact and build more TRUST in the eyes of your customer.


How does Merchant Safe differ from McAfee Secure and other seals?

McAfee Secure offers only PCI scanning but uses its proprietary technology to conduct scans. Merchant Safe offers both PCI scanning as well as business identity management solutions, including a privacy seal. In addition, Merchant Safe has partnered with multiple software and technology platform providers, to do daily and quarterly scans on your server. We have better risk mitigation strategies implemented and we can easily switch to the appropriate backend technology should there be issues with one platform. All of the scan reports we provide are ASV certified by the PCI council, which is required by your bank.

The best part, we do the scan for you. We are the only company to offer Managed PCI Scanning solution. Many companies out there make you sign-up and expect you to do the work using their rather complex control panel. At Merchant Safe we do all the work and email your results. Plain and Simple. We care about the bottom line for you, rather than finding a way to extract money from you. We believe you can spend your time actually building your core business, rather than being immersed on technology and security issues. That is better left for the experts in the respective areas.

There are many fake trust seal companies popping up on the internet everyday. Merchant Safe is a well known brand and is trusted by many in the industry as an authority when it comes to business identity verification solutions. Choosing an unreliable and unprofessional looking seal will negatively impact the conversion rate on your website.

At Merchant Safe we go the extra mile for you. Since we have in-house expertise in "User Experience Design", we help you take a comprehensive approach in order to increase sales. We advise you on your layouts, best conversion strategies and landing pages, along with our core business verification and security solutions! Our goal is to increase credibility of your website, and implement solutions to increase overall revenue for you!