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    The Merchant-SAFE seal is a low cost alternative to the Hacker SAFE, COMODO and other TRUST seal programs and is ideal for the small and medium businesses and independent contractors.

What does a TRUST SEAL do? The answer is quite simple. A third party seal improves consumer confidence and increases the conversion rate of your website.


Which Website Trust Seal should I get, and do you offer PCI scanning?

We don't offer PCI Scanning because you most likely don't need it. It's that simple! Most people have misconception about PCI scanning and trust seal programs in general.

Fact: PCI Certification / Scanning is not required by small businesses that do less than 20,000 transactions per year.

Only if you process more than 20,000 transactions per year would you need this type of service and still it would probably be unwise to invest in PCI Scanning/Certification, since most Payment Gateways (authorize.net, 2checkout, Verisign, PayPal, etc.) already has this certification and has a built-in procedure to make you safe and secure when it comes to credit card encryption/data protection. Why would you want to pay us a second time for something that you already have?

How does Merchant-Safe differ from HackerSafe and other seals?

HackerSafe focuses on server verification, also known as PCI Scanning or Vulnerability Scanning. They scan your server for vulnerabilities. Merchant-safe focus mainly on improving TRUST. We certify websites and offer business verification. We care about the bottomline for you, rather than finding a way to extract money from you.

If you already have a SSL certificate, (which you can get for as low as $14.95/year), then all you need is a third party seal that verifies your business identity, your website, email and telephone numbers, along with physical location. This makes you REAL. Which is what matters when converting visitors into customers.

Why should you pay more?

We are going to tell you the truth. You should not pay too much for a TRUST seal. It does not matter what the claims these companies are making, the bottom line is trust seals will only improve consumer confidence and bring you more sales. They do NOT turn your business upside down and make you rich overnight. You should always calculate how much money that additional 10% of sales is worth? How much profit will you be making as a result? Does it make business sense? By paying thousands for a seal, you will not reap any benefits at all, if you are a small or medium sized business.

That's why Merchant safe seals are kept affordable. With just $239 as an investment, you are looking to achieve the same result like these high priced alternatives! The amount of long term credibility and trust that you build among your site visitors is so valuable that you can measure our trust seal benefits for many years to come. Always remember to keep the long term goals for your business in mind and make an investment today! 

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