Even though there are lot of benefits in choosing Merchant SAFE, we are going to list some basic advantages here. You can visit the compare us section to evaluate the price differences and other features compared to other services.

1. Affordable. Lets face it. Not every business or website is a Fortune 1000 company. Not everyone is making millions of dollars in sales revenue every month. The average small and medium sized business, the entrepreneur who finally took his first-step, an independent contractor and those alike, simply cannot afford the exorbitant prices these other seal programs cost. With fluctuation in economy and the effects of recession still at large, it would be wise to save money.

Don't spend too much money when you can get the Merchant SAFE seal, for fraction of the price and they are just as effective!

2. No Technical Knowledge Necessary: Don't have in-house IT staff or technical expertise? No Problem. We do the work. You simply copy and paste couple of lines of code! We are the only company to offer Managed PCI Scanning solutions, without charging extra!

3. Conversion Management: The Merchant SAFE seal improves Trust among your website visitors and eventually increases conversion rate. The more comfortable the visitor, the better your conversion rate. Improving Trust and in turn revenues is the main goal at Merchant Safe. Check out this free online revenue calculator and see the Merchant Safe impact on your business!

4. Security + Business Identity Solution: Merchant Safe offers both PCI scanning as well as business identity management solutions, including a privacy seal. In addition, Merchant Safe has partnered with multiple software and technology platform providers, to do daily and quarterly scans on your server. We have better risk mitigation strategies implemented and we can easily switch to the appropriate backend technology should there be issues with one platform. All of the scan reports we provide are ASV certified by the PCI council, which is required by your bank.

5. Professional (Trademark) Seals: The Merchant-SAFE seal program is designed on a simple principle. Our Seals images specifically contain language like "BUSINESS VERIFIED" , "Physical Location", "SAFE", etc. We have done research and analyzed user behavior patterns and segmentation and designed these unique seal types that offer peace of mind to the consumer. Consumers are concerned if the website is in fact a legitimate business and do they actually have an office, etc. Having a third-party seal that could address most consumer concerns with a simple glance, adds credibility to your site. We are the only company to offer business verification, security and privacy seals.

6. Business Identity Management for freelancers: We are the only TRUST SEAL that provides a seal for independent contractors. As a freelance consultant or a blogger, or an independent contractor, you have the option to choose our Merchant-SAFE contractor TRUST seal for the same low price! We also offer multiple seal color combinations to match your website design and layouts. 

7. Simple Implementation: Our seals are very simple to implement. We even have the option where the seal display code can be free of JavaScript. You simply copy the link code on to your pages and you are done. We even allow you to save the seal image in your server, for faster and seamless loading of the webpage!

8. Fast Delivery: Unlike other seal programs that can take many weeks to complete verification process and implement, we at Merchant-SAFE try to complete everything in less than 5 days. Which means you can have your seal delivered to you in as little as 5 days. We use USPS priority mail at no additional charge to you.

9. Free Security Assessment: Merchant Safe scans your your domain/IP and offers a FREE security vulnerability report. As a business owner, you can use this report to analyze security loopholes on your system and take steps to fix them. It will help you establish long term customer trust!

10. Money Back Guarantee. We are sure the Merchant-SAFE TRUST seal will help you improve TRUST among your site visitors. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can cancel within 30 days and we will give your money back. No sales pressure!

At Merchant Safe we go the extra mile for you. Since we have in-house expertise in "User Experience Design", we help you take a comprehensive approach in order to increase sales. We advise you on your layouts, best conversion strategies and landing pages, along with our core business verification and security solutions! Our goal is to increase credibility of your website, and implement solutions to increase overall revenue for you!