The TRUST eSEAL Program

The Merchant-SAFE TRUST eSEAL program is designed to improve TRUST among website visitors  while they are making a buying decision on your website. The Merchant-SAFE seal is a low cost alternative to the other TRUST seal programs and is ideal for the small and medium businesses and independent contractors.

What does a TRUST SEAL do? The answer is quite simple. A third party seal improves consumer confidence and increases the conversion rate of your website.

Over 71% of online shoppers look specifically for third party seals of approval when they visit a website.

Many studies have shown that an increasing number of website visitors and shoppers online, look for third party seals as a measure of the TRUST on any particular website. Currently 8 out of 10 online shoppers interviewed say, that they feel more comfortable when they see a third party seal on a website.

The Merchant SAFE TRUST eSEAL is an electronic seal that you display on your website after meeting certain verification procedures by us. This seal helps you and your business improve TRUST and gain consumer confidence.

Available TRUST Seals

Our trust seals are available in multiple sizes, designed to fit your website design and layouts. Merchant SAFE TRUST eSEAL program is designed to improve TRUST among online shoppers. Unlike other seal programs that are out there, we are designed to help small and medium businesses succeed. We don't charge thousands of dollars every year like the competition.

In summary, the Merchant SAFE TRUST Seal is a wonderful solution that does not cost you much, but offers a reliable third party business verification service that will improve the conversion rate!

Remember, Better TRUST = MORE Conversion/Sales!!