Merchant Safe Partner Programs

Do you want to promote corporate social responsibility? Or, are you simply looking for supplemental revenue stream? Are you looking to provide your clients with some conversion solutions or business identity management and security solutions? Are you trying to get PCI compliance for your clients? Are your clients looking towards you for better marketing strategies? The Merchant Safe partner program is the ideal answer to all of the above! 

Team up with Merchant Safe to offer some of our innovative solutions to your customers. The following are the various types of partners that we are looking for.

Strategic Partners (Technology and Marketplace)
Designed for service providers with technology and market expertise. Technology leaders in the security and compliance space work with us to bring their underlying technology to our solutions, which in-turn enable their services reach hundreds of merchant safe customers. Vertical market leaders team with us to bring consumer awareness about Internet Security, safe online shopping to their customers to promote a safe and transparent marketplace, while benefiting from data sharing involving fraud and spam management. Strategic partners can be charter members of the consumer authority council, which is a great way for  vertical market leaders to promote corporate social responsibility.

Solution Partners (Shopping cart providers)
Designed for providers of shopping cart and other ecommerce technology solutions. Industry leaders and upcoming firms can benefit from their shopping carts, servers and technology platforms being certified for PCI compliance, as well as promote our business identity management solutions to their clients, that could enable thousands of dollars in new revenue stream for partners.

Hosting Partners
Designed for shared and dedicated hosting companies and hosting resellers. Hosting firms benefit from compliance certification and security scanning solutions for their devices. In addition, discounted Merchant safe services can be promoted to clients, enabling new revenue stream to supplement web hosting revenue.

Design Partners (Consultants and 3rd party developers)
Designed for small independent freelancers, consultants, third-party developers and small firms, who provide specialized web design, graphic design and other agency services to their clients. Your clients can benefit from our business verification solutions and conversion strategies, while you as a result can benefit from thousands of dollars in referral revenue.

Reseller and Affiliate partners
Designed to resell Merchant Safe business identity management solutions and PCI compliance services. Benefit from our pre-built landing pages, microsites and promotional marketing material that can integrate directly on your existing website or blog. With affiliate conversion tracking, and quarterly reports, you can be assured of the accuracy and focus on promoting easy-to-sell solutions to your visitors. We even offer telemarketing scripts to reseller partners who are approved to cross-sell additional related services their existing services.

Marketing Partners

Companies from a wide range of industries can join together with Merchant Safe on mutually beneficial marketing promotions and conferences where the opportunity for cross selling services exist.


To become a partner write to partners at with a brief description of your company and the partner channel you are interested in, and someone will respond within 24 hours. Or simply fill out our online Contact form here.