Helping consumers TRUST businesses and their websites helps consumers gain confidence during their online shopping experience. Our seal programs are designed to identify and verify business information and make sure that information is accurate and the website rightfully belong to the owner.

When you see one of our TRUST seals, you can click on the seal and verify the status. You will be taken to a status page, where the information about that specific website will be displayed.

Verification Process: We go through extensive verification process before we award the seal to any website. Many steps in our verification process are done manually to ensure compliance and to close potential loopholes that typical shabby merchants exploit. Addresses are verified through a special code packet sent to the physical location of the business through USPS PRIORITY MAIL, upon which the businesses are required to enter the code in Merchant-SAFE systems. Plus a live Merchant-SAFE operator sends email to the listed email address and places a telephone call to confirm the company's phone number every month, so that the current status of the merchant can remain ACTIVE.

The Merchant-SAFE TRUST eSEAL helps consumers by providing this verification, so that consumers will have peace of mind through their online shopping experience. Merchant-SAFE verifies websites and businesses only in USA, UK and Canada. To mitigate risk associated in verifying international websites, and to maintain the high level of quality for our seal, we limit our seal program to only these countries.

Valid Merchant-SAFE TRUST Seals

If you do not see the Merchant-SAFE seal on a website, that you would like to shop, please urge the website owner to get certified. Unless you are buying from a well established merchant online (like,,, etc.), we recommend you to urge the merchant to get certified, prior to placing the order. We do all the necessary work to ensure it is a SAFE merchant. It does not cost you anything, other than waiting for few additional days for the website to get certified. It is well-worth because you can have peace of mind knowing that the site information has been verified by a third party.