Cancellation Policy

Merchant Safe Trust Seal subscription can be cancelled by giving 30-day notice in writing. You can use this online form to submit your request, or by sending an email to Merchant Safe Support. (cancel at You must remove all the Merchant Safe Seal images from your website (including any seal code that you placed), prior to submitting the cancellation request. You must submit your request at least 30 days in advance to avoid future charges.

All seal subscriptions are renewed automatically based on the original term. There are NO REFUNDS, except specifically stated in the refund policy below. Once cancelled, your credit card will no longer be charged in the future.

We do verification of seal removal from your site both manually and by using software algorithms. Cancellation requests are approved ONLY after successful verification of "Merchant Safe seal removal" from your website(s).

New customers who fall under the 30-day money back period must follow the Refund Policy.