What are Merchant SAFE Approved Sites?

Merchant SAFE Approved Sites are sites that are certified by Merchant SAFE as reasonably safe sites to shop, and to enter your personal or financial information.

These are reputable brands that have gained the trust of millions of customers in United States and across the world. Merchant SAFE Approved Sites are known for safeguarding customer data and have good customer satisfaction on online transactions. These sites are known to deliver what they promised or sold.

How are sites selected?
Sites are selected through a comprehensive research conducted by Merchant SAFE over a period of time, analyzing data from various sources as well as customer feedback from several online portals. In order for a site to be approved, they must meet all of our approval criteria.

In addition, Approved sites are NOT Merchant SAFE's paying clients. In order to keep the integrity of the process intact and to better serve the interests of consumers, Merchant SAFE does not accept paying clients into this program. Approval is done purely on the basis of merits. Only large reputable companies, with multiple years of online presence, good customer satisfaction record, and commitement to implement/follow industry best practices on privacy and security can apply.

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