Which Trust Seal is right for me?

Not all trust seals are created equal. In order to understand which trust seal can bring the most benefit for your site, you must first understand the goals of the available Merchant SAFE trust seals and what they are designed for.

Merchant SAFE Business Verified Seals:
To help small and medium sized business establish trust among its customers by having the basic website security and business identity verified by a third party. Includes DNS verification, Physical address verification, telephone number verification, email address verification, etc. – all of which are designed to improve the overall confidence about your small business.

Merchant SAFE Privacy Seal:
To help businesses of all sizes to establish better trust among its website visitors who may have privacy concerns. Being upfront about your organizations privacy practices and having your privacy policy hosted by Merchant SAFE, and being in compliance with Merchant SAFE’s privacy guidelines help increase customer loyalty and trust.

Merchant SAFE Security Seal:
To help businesses of all sizes establish trust among website visitors who are concerned about security issues and the security of transaction on the shopping cart checkout pages. To help businesses comply with PCI guidelines. To help companies being proactive about security and identify vulnerabilities.

Depending on your business, your website type, and your consumer demographic, the choice of seal that is ideal for your organization can differ.

Even if you choose a trust seal and display it on your site, if may not improve conversion, if it is not the right type of seal your customers are looking for. Displaying a PCI scanning security seal on a newsletter signup page will not satisfy the potential visitors. In that scenario, it is likely that the potential visitor will be concerned about privacy issues and SPAM.

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