Using Trust Seals to increase sales

Better Trust = More customers. This has been proven in every industry segment. Especially when it comes to online retail or service, the trust issue is very critical to the success of a business. Not every website or shopping cart has the big brand names such as Amazon or behind them. Many of them are small to mid sized outfits.

Unfortunately most of us fall in this category. Not too big with a reputable brand name behind. So the challenges faced by most ecommerce retailers and online service oriented merchants are enormous. According to a recent survey, the #1 reason behind shopping cart abandonment is the lack of trust towards the website. (it is not the lack of trust on the product or service itself, it is not the price, but the actual lack of confidence on the merchant.) Andersen Consulting and Forrester Research both show shopping cart abandonment rates of 25%. Jupiter Communications reports a shopping cart abandonment rate of 27%. eMarketer itself reports 32% as the actual rate. NetEffect and Greenfield Online report the rate at 67%. A BizReport data shows it as high as 75%. This is alarmingly high number.

What do these studies actually mean to you?

Don’t be fooled in thinking studies don’t matter to your website. They actually do. You probably are spending enough on marketing, trying to get people come to your website. Now, what good is it, if most of them leave? And among the very few who stay and browse, imagine if a majority of them abandon the checkout process midway through. You are losing potential revenue, by simply overlooking the trust issue.


A simple solution to stop people from leaving your site due to lack of trust is to get a third-party certification aimed at improving trust. Merchant Safe is NOT part of your business. It is an independent third-party bureau testing and verifying websites and business data that is designed to help you increase trust among your visitors. By promoting transparency, Merchant Safe has been helping hundreds of small businesses increase trust among their potential customers and in turn help increase overall revenues.

Security concerns

Many online shoppers are concerned about the security from two different points of view. The first being, Is this merchant secure to deal with? In other words, Can I trust this merchant? The second viewpoint is: Is it safe to enter my credit card information on this site? In other words, the actual security of the transmission. Many merchants miss out the first point. Some miss out both. Worse yet, even those who actually understand the second part, sometimes end up installing the SSL certificate incorrectly, resulting in annoying browser error messages for the potential buyer. A website certification from Merchant Safe solves both of these security concerns that visitors have. We certify your business and award a website trust seal that can be displayed on your website or can be integrated with your shopping cart. We support ALL shopping cart software out there. (Some examples include ProStores, Google Checkout, PayPal shopping cart, Mals Ecommerce, Volusion, 3dcart, Magento, PrestaShop, and hundreds more). We manually verify that the SSL is installed correctly, check the DNS security to make sure the site is not hijacked, before approving a merchant. If we find problems we help you correct them! We check for DNS resolution and phishing issues before approval.

For added security, our “Security Scanned” seal is offered after conducting a PCI scan of your website for security vulnerabilities. You will receive a PCI Scan report, indicating potential security threats and loopholes along with solutions to resolve them. Displaying a Merchant Safe Security seal, boosts the confidence of the wary online visitor.

Business Credential Verification

Security is only one aspect of the trust. In order to establish complete confidence in the visitors’ mind, we go beyond website security. We verify your physical address (even if you are a home based business!), your telephone number, your customer support email address and award you the certification. When our seal is clicked on your site, it pops up a window with this data, along with information about our rigorous third party certification process. This helps increase confidence among your visitors. We even offer free consultation to setup Domain Keys on your email system, so that your customer support emails don’t end up in the SPAM folder, and can be trusted by your customers.

By going through the Merchant Safe certification process, you can avoid or reduce shopping cart abandonment rate, and get more people trust your website. Better Trust = More Sales!

You don’t Pay anything!

The best part. You do NOT pay a dime upfront. You can start your Merchant Safe certification process, with a FREE website review. If for any reason your site cannot be certified, we will let you know the issues and help you resolve them.

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