Website Design Analysis and Trust Seal Certification

Here is something that is unique to Merchant Safe. We are not simply interested in selling a trust seal and certify your website. We are interested in making you trustable in the eyes of your website visitors and help you sell more.


First impression is the Best impression

If for a visitor, the first impression with your website is not good, then you have already lost half the battle. It is not what you like about your website, rather it is about what looks professional and improves your brand image to be in line with what you are selling. This is where Design comes to play. Websites with impressive design and looks, coupled with “fine-tuned performance” (fast loading times), tend to impress visitors and exponentially increase trust. This is human psychology. Many studies have shown this. This is one area you do not want to overlook.

During the certification process, Merchant Safe will review your website design and layouts and offer free consultation. We help you redesign your website to make a good first impression.

If you are using a shopping cart, we can offer techniques, that will eventually make your site look professional and increase conversion rate by 25%. If you are not design and programming savy, we can have our design professionals create custom templates at an affordable price, that will transform your website overnight!

Get Started with Merchant SAFE! Make your website Sell more!