Privacy Seal Requirements and Approval Process

In order for a website to be approved for this privacy seal, your published privacy policy must have all of the following. It is not necessary to have these exact words, but something along these lines is sufficient. Please note this seal may be revoked, if we receive a complaint from your customer, proving violation on your part to the statements below.

1) Any captured customer information will not be sold, transferred, exchanged or given to any third-party or affiliate for any reason whatsoever, without the consent of the customer, other than for the purpose of delivering the purchased product or service requested by the customer.

2) Customer financial information (credit card numbers, SSN etc.) will not be kept on file for more than 90 days and will never be kept unencrypted inside the database. Or, a statement to the effect that the company does not store sensitive customer financial information. (If your company has a need to store financial information for more than 90 days, you must get approval from Merchant Safe.)

3) Customer will not receive any unsolicited email offers from the company, unless the customer signs up to receive emails and newsletters during checkout, or through a double opt-in process. (Plus, the company must give an option for the customer to opt-out at a later date even if the customer has signed up initially.)

When you sign up for the Privacy program, you will receive best practices guidelines and instructions on how to implement them. Once your policy is ready for review, our experts will review your policy and upon approval, seal implementation instructions will be emailed to you. We will assist you with every step of the process, making it easier for you to get certified!