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  The Merchant SAFE TRUST eSEAL Program  
    The following information has been verified by Merchant-SAFE. This business was tested for its physical location, telephone number and email address. 

Address: 7670 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 280, Tucson, AZ 85710 USA
Phone: 520-546-3947
Expiry: 2010-05-20 00:00:00

In order for a company to be BUSINESS VERIFIED and display the Merchant SAFE Trust SEAL, they must undergo a thorough verification process which is done manually by Merchant SAFE. Addresses are verified through a special code packet sent to the physical location of the business through USPS PRIORITY MAIL, upon which the businesses are required to enter the code in Merchant-SAFE systems. Plus a live Merchant-SAFE operator sends email to the listed email address and places a telephone call to confirm the company's phone number, so that the credentials of the merchant can be Verified. The MerchantSAFE TRUST SEAL helps consumers by providing this verification, so that consumers will have peace of mind through their online shopping experience. To avoid potential fraud, Merchant-SAFE verifies websites and businesses only in USA, Canada and UK.

Merchant-SAFE TRUST eSEAL Disclaimer: Merchant-SAFE is a website verification service. Our verification process is diligent and we strive to offer  reliable and correct information to consumers. We try to verify the information every month, but we do not guarantee that information displayed on this page is the latest and verified during the current month. If a Verified Business changes its information without informing us, we cannot be held responsible. By using this service you agree and understand that verification processes can never be bullet proof and MerchantSAFE cannot be held responsible for possible errors, inaccuracy of the information, abuse of the MerchantSAFE TRUST eSEAL or abuse of the verification process. We make no warranty or claim whatsoever about the accuracy of the information or its usefulness. By using this information and this website you agree Merchant-SAFE, its websites, parent companies, affiliates, officers, management and employees will be held harmless in any event and will not be held liable for anything.

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