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This website has a published privacy policy and it complies with our guidelines.
The following is the available merchant information from our database.

Address: 6601, Royal Street, Suite D, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068 USA
Phone: 866.756.6543
Expiry: 2012-02-10 00:00:00

In order for a company to be "PRIVACY VERIFIED" and display the Merchant SAFE Privacy Seal, they must follow our privacy guidelines and best practices. The following core principles must be stated in the privacy policy.

1) Any captured customer information will NOT be sold, transferred, exchanged or given to any third-party or affiliate for any reason whatsoever, without the consent of the customer, other than for the purpose of delivering the purchased product or service requested by the customer.

2) Customer financial information (credit card numbers, SSN etc.) will not be kept on file for more than 90 days unless there is a need for monthly subscription billing and a valid recurring billing agreement is in place between the end user and the provider.

3) Customer will not receive any unsolicited email offers from the company, unless the customer signs up to receive emails and newsletters during checkout, or through a double opt-in process. (Plus, the company must give an option for the customer to opt-out at a later date even if the customer has signed up initially.)


DISCLAIMER NOTICE: MerchantSAFE is a website verification service. Our verification process is diligent and we strive to offer reliable and correct information to consumers. When we manually verified the privacy policy of this merchant, we found the required core statements that comply with our privacy guidelines and best practices. In order to track changes to the privacy policy, we optionally host the privacy policy with version tracking feature enabled. However, we cannot guarantee that the merchant will follow what has been stated in their privacy policy. If a Verified Business changes any of its information or any of the content of the privacy policy without informing us, we cannot be held responsible. By using this service you agree and understand that this verification process is not bullet proof and MerchantSAFE cannot be held responsible for possible errors, inaccuracy of the information, abuse of the Merchant-SAFE Privacy Seal or abuse of the verification process. We make no warranty or claim whatsoever about the accuracy of the information or its usefulness. By using this information and this website you agree MerchantSAFE, its websites, parent companies, affiliates, officers, management and employees will be held harmless in any event and will not be held liable for anything.

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